Libertarians stand for protecting your Federal and State Constitutional Rights, all of them without any exception or omission. There is no National Security exemption to the Bill of Rights. Politicians who ignore our Constitutional Liberties are the chief threat to our country.


America should be a land of opportunity for every citizen. Massive expansions of the Federal Budget and Debt are strangling those opportunities. We need massive cuts in government spending or our grandchildren will be crushed by their grandparents' wastrel extravagance.


Libertarians support non-intervention in the affairs of foreign nations. Our foreign wars should end; our armed forces should be brought home from around the world. The Cold War is over; the vast military machine that the Cold War justified is no longer needed.


The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts opposes racism and recognizes that it occurs at individual, institutional and governmental levels. We believe that every individual is a minority of one and as such we are all equally entitled to protection under the law and consideration before government, with no benefit or disadvantage awarded because of race, religion, gender or orientation.

End Regressive Taxation

Libertarians support the repeal of the state’s sales and income taxes, and urge immediate pardoning of tax violators. We further support repeal of the withholding payroll system collected from worker’s wages, as it is involuntary  servitude to force employers to serve as unpaid tax collectors.

Fees Should Not be Hidden General Taxes

Cut in half all license fees.

End Turnpike Tolls

The cost of maintaining the turnpike is a small fraction of the tolls levied on it. Turnpike tolls primarily pay for the cost of collecting the tolls. End tolls, move money back to people.

Government Should Obey the Laws

Increasingly, government agencies are violating many of the same laws that all individuals are required to obey. Libertarians insist that government agencies and officials have even more responsibility to obey laws than individuals do.

Governmental Racism

The Libertarian Associated of Massachusetts calls for the federal  government to discontinue  governmental racism by eliminating all racial and ethnic questions and identifiers from census forms, license forms, permit forms, employment contracts, construction contracts, educational grants, research grants, and statistical surveys used an any and all forms of commerce and law.

Police Militarization

The Libertarian Association of  Massachusetts opposes the  militarization of local police forces, and particularly opposes the consolidation of local and state police forces into a national police force of any sort.

Platform Passed by the 2007 Convention

The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts stands for Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity.

The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts calls for the repeal of the Massachusetts compulsory health insurance law.

The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts endorses new and future pro-freedom initiatives being brought to the voters and urges Libertarians across Massachusetts to support their passage.

The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts condemns the Bush Administration's war of aggression against Iraq and calls for its immediate end, and calls for the immediate withdrawal of the Massachusetts National Guard to Massachusetts. In accord with existing Federal Law, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should move vigorously to replace its National Guard with a State Defense Force whose service is limited to the boundaries of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts cannot long endure a huge underclass of people whose civil liberties and civil rights have been lost to the war on drugs. There should be a general pardon of all persons who were convicted of violating state laws defining nonviolent drug crimes.

Laws requiring the use of personal protective equipment intended primarily to protect the user, such as Motorcycle Helmets and Automobile Seatbelts, should be repealed, because protecting people from their own actions is not a fundamental purpose of government.

Mindful of the rights clearly provided for in the Bill of Rights, the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts calls for the repeal of all Massachusetts permit laws and other restrictions on the right of law-abiding adults to keep and bear firearms and other weapons.


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