ATTN MEMBERS: "Straight" Pride Parade

The following is a statement from LPMass Chairman and Libertarian National Committeeman Jeff Lyons:


--For immediate release--

The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts and its membership have not given consent to use its name or likeness and have not expressed any support whatsoever for a "Straight" Pride Parade.

Any actions taken by individuals who identify themselves as "libertarians" are not reflective of the Libertarian Party as a whole or in part.

The Libertarian Party has not consented or authorized the use of Libertarian Party branding at the "Straight" Pride Parade, therefore any use of our branding is an intentional attempt to deceive the public and to over-represent support for the event.

Members of the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts have not and will not support or participate in the "Straight" Pride Parade or any other tasteless activities in the absence of consent from our membership.

However, we fully support the freedom of speech, including hate speech and bigotry, because we like to know who our neighbors really are.  We fully support the right to freely associate or disassociate with others. At this time, we are exercising our right to not associate with the "Straight" Pride Parade but we support their right to "come out of the closet" and express themselves. Then we can all know who they really are."


For questions please call 617-286-3618 or email [email protected] / [email protected]


The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts is the state-affiliate of the Libertarian Party, also known as LPMass or the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts. LAMA reserves all legal rights to the use of the name "Libertarian Party" in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts per the Libertarian Party organizational charter and bylaws.


The membership of the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts will gather for its 2019 Convention on July 14th in Somerville, MA.

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Jeff Lyons - Chair of the Libertarian Assoc. of MA