William R. Cohen

  • I understand that the LP convention will be virtual via zoom meeting next Friday May 22 2020 and that I need to use a link to access the zoom meeting. Please inform me of the link to use so I can vote for my favorite to be the LP candidate for president. I understand that Jacob Hornberger, whose FFF publication I read monthly for decades Is leading in polls. I am not sufficiently familiar with the choices we have for the VP candidate. how can I find out more about each who are running for the VP slot if any?

  • A resolution to decriminalize opioids and a resolution to legalize opioids were submitted to the Massachusetts Medical Society’s House of Delegates in April 2018. It was not voted down rather was referred to their Board Of Trustees for report back at the next Annual Meeting in one year.
    When Portugal decriminalized all drugs in 2001 their death rate from overdoses plummeted. That was the incentive here to enable drug users to avail themselves of their drug of choice without using street dealers who have been lacing the Heroin with the more potent Fentanyl leading to the unintended overdose deaths.

    I expect that the MMS will find a way to stay out of this and not take a position contrary to conventional wisdom. The MMS has a task force devoted to the subject of addiction of opioids and I will attempt to participate in that task force to see if there is a libertarian spirit among them.