Get government out of our healthcare! Let free-markets, individual choice, and personal responsibility control it. Government involvement causes several issues: most notably, its programs of Medicaid, Medicare, and the infamous PPACA actually increase the cost of health care above what it would be under the free-market. 

Additionally, these governmental programs are funded by coercive taxation, which takes money from some and gives to others. The funding mechanism of coercive taxation violates the libertarian principles of private property and voluntaryism. It also diminishes the role of personal responsibility and choice, and makes people less apt to donate to voluntary associations - which can help provide temporary assistance to the poor because people will think ‘the government will take care of it.’

We know that the best health care solutions will come from the free market, by providing lower-cost, quality care through allowing small employers to combine together to form larger insurance risk-pools; 2.) Limits governmental coercion and redistribution of wealth; 3.) Provides more consumer choice by allowing consumers to purchase insurance across state lines and; 4.) Encourages voluntary donations to associations which help those who need it.

Libertarians believe that healthcare prices would decrease and quality and availability would increase if healthcare was freed from government meddling and control.