The Massachusetts Libertarian position on immigration is "America should be a land of opportunity for every citizen. Massive expansions of the Federal Budget and Debt are strangling those opportunities. We need massive cuts in government spending or our grandchildren will be crushed by their grandparents' wasteful extravagance."

We believe that America was born of immigrants and that immigrants are vital to our nation's character today. Libertarians recognize that people of other countries desire to come to America for the freedoms and opportunities that it offers. We believe that liberty is a right that belongs not just to American citizens, but to all individuals.

Massachusetts Libertarians believe that government interferes with the opportunities of citizens and immigrants when it attempts to create laws to achieve equal outcome instead of equal opportunities. Immigrants have not and do not come to America for what others can provide them, but for the chance of what they can do for themselves.

Government has the responsibility to protect liberty for all - for the citizen who was born in America, for the immigrant who has become a citizen, and for the immigrant who will one day become a citizen. Libertarians believe that we should welcome and encourage immigrants who look to America as an opportunity for freedom.

Libertarians believe that if someone is peaceful, they should be welcome to immigrate to the United States.