Jon Hall

  • To whom it concerns,

    Hello, I am Jon Hall, a self identifying Libertarian from the Greater Boston area.

    In following the Libertarian party on a national and local level, i couldn’t help but notice the lack of resources and recruitment within my area. While i speculate that it largely boils down to a cost/risk ratio associated with challenging a heavily Democratic party that has been in power for far to long, this still concerns me.

    To be frank, the youth in this area would buy what your selling if it was packaged more effectively.

    I would like to speak with someone about how i might be able to assist in youth oriented recruitment within Suffolk and Middlesex county, especially within the LBGT, African American and Latinx communities whom are being (in my view) being exploited by the Democratic Socialist movement and radical conservative notions simultaneously.

    Any and all information regarding how i could be of assistance beyond fiscal donations would be appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Jon Hall

Jon Hall
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