Civil Liberties


The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts's platform on civil liberties is "Libertarians stand for protecting your Federal and State Constitutional Rights, all of them without any exception or omission. There is no National Security exemption to the Bill of Rights. Politicians who ignore our Constitutional Liberties are the chief threat to our country."

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Gun Ownership


The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts platform on gun ownership is "Mindful of the rights clearly provided for in the Bill of Rights, the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts calls for the repeal of all Massachusetts permit laws and other restrictions on the right of law-abiding adults to keep and bear firearms and other weapons."

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Get government out of our healthcare! Let free-markets, individual choice, and personal responsibility control it. Government involvement causes several issues: most notably, its programs of Medicaid, Medicare, and the infamous PPACA actually increase the cost of health care above what it would be under the free-market. Additionally, these governmental programs are funded by coercive taxation, which takes money from some and gives to others. The funding mechanism of coercive taxation violates the libertarian principles of private property and voluntaryism. It also diminishes the role of personal responsibility and choice, and makes people less apt to donate to voluntary associations - which can help provide temporary assistance to the poor because people will think ‘the government will take care of it.’

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