The Environment

The libertarian position on the environment is generally supportive of protecting the environment, but with a focus on individual responsibility, private property rights, and free market solutions rather than government regulation.


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Government Debt

The libertarian position on government debt is generally opposed to excessive borrowing and deficit spending, as libertarians believe that it can lead to economic instability, inflation, and a burden on future generations.


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Labor Unions

Libertarians generally support private unions, and oppose public unions.

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Asset Forfeiture

Libertarians generally oppose asset forfeiture, which is a legal process that allows law enforcement agencies to seize property and assets that are suspected of being involved in criminal activity, even if the owner of the property has not been convicted of a crime.

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Qualified Immunity

Libertarians generally oppose qualified immunity, which is a legal doctrine that shields government officials, including police officers, from being held personally liable for actions taken while performing their official duties.


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Eminent Domain

Libertarians generally oppose the use of eminent domain because they believe it violates individual property rights and can be abused by government officials.


Eminent domain is the power of the government to seize private property for public use, with compensation paid to the property owner. The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution requires that private property can only be taken for public use if the owner receives just compensation.

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Rent Control

Libertarians generally oppose rent control, as it is seen as a violation of property rights and market principles.


Rent control refers to government policies that limit the amount landlords can charge for rent. This may involve setting a cap on rent increases or tying rent increases to inflation. Proponents of rent control argue that it helps to prevent tenants from being priced out of their homes in areas where housing is expensive.

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Foreign Policy

Libertarians support non-intervention in the affairs of foreign nations. Our foreign wars should end; our armed forces should be brought home from around the world. The Cold War is over; the vast military machine that the Cold War justified is no longer needed.

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Civil Liberties

Libertarians stand for protecting your Federal and State Constitutional Rights, all of them without any exception or omission. There is no National Security exemption to the Bill of Rights. Politicians who ignore our Constitutional Liberties are the chief threat to our country.

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Immigration Reform

America should be a land of opportunity for every citizen. Massive expansions of the Federal Budget and Debt are strangling those opportunities.

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