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We can't advance liberty without your generosity. With more active members we can kick start our efforts to support candidates, shape legislation, and put on the best convention possible. For $30 a year, every dime contributed will count towards what we can accomplish together.

More voters are registering Libertarian every year, according to the Secretary of State.

From 2017 to 2019, the number of registered Democrats and Republicans shrank by 4.5% and 4.7% respectively.
The number of registered Libertarians rose by 97%!

Please note that you do not have to be registered to vote as a Libertarian to join the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts.

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    Take pride in supporting the cause. The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts does not take special interest money, it relies on the support of people like you.
    Belong to a party that that consistently defends the Constitution and Bill of Rights and fights for your freedom on all issues, all the time.
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    Have opportunities to meet other individuals who share your love for liberty and desire a better, more free and prosperous America.
    Have a say in our party (members are automatically eligible delegates to the annual State Convention).

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    Resources for prospective Libertarian Party candidates.
    Local and state outreach efforts including tables at events and conferences.
    Production and printing of promotional materials and advertising.