Re-Establish Law-Enforcement Accountability

There are many forms of oppression and disenfranchisement against groups and individuals, the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts acknowledges that the repeated cycle of violence and abuse experienced by people of color in America is especially prevalent among them.

The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts decries any form of political violence, of assault, and destruction of property.

The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts acknowledges the pain of those protesting and that the institutions are broken and have failed the people.

The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts holds that oppressive laws, government overreach, and lack of accountability perpetuated by both Republican and Democrat-run governments are the underlying cause for the kind of injustice exemplified by the murder of George Floyd.

The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts stands in support of the peaceful protests against the murder of George Floyd and the countless other victims of police violence and brutality.

The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts does not in any way condone the violence against people and property or the looting that has occurred alongside the peaceful protests. These acts of vandalism only serve as an excuse to delegitimize the protests, to divide us, and to preserve the prevailing system of oppression.

The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts calls for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to lead the necessary change by abandoning the war against drugs, to end police militarization, to take concrete steps towards re-establishing law-enforcement accountability, specifically by abolishing the concept of qualified immunity, and to remove the pretext for so much of the police violence by revoking laws that fabricate ‘victimless crimes’ - illegal acts that directly involve only the perpetrator or occur between consenting adults.

The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts rejects any attempt by state and federal governments to instrumentalize the protests themselves or thoughtless acts of vandalism and crimes perpetrated by a violent minority and individual criminals as a pretext for another expansion of the oppressive security state.

Adopted by the LP Massachusetts State Committee on June 1, 2020.

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