2022 LNC Convention Update

The Massachusetts Association delegates attended opening day of the LNC Convention this past Friday, and were disenfranchised by the national Libertarian Party which refused to recognize the delegation.

Instead, the LP erroneously decided to seat delegates from a group claiming to represent the Massachusetts LP.

This fraudulent group claims that they are representing the members of the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts. They have used dishonest tactics to represent themselves to the national LP as well as various LP committees. They previously introduced a resolution to the LP that claimed themselves as owners of the LAMA organization, which the LP chair ruled out of order and which was subsequently upheld. This fraudulent group then appealed to the LP judicial committee, which twice refused to support their claims.

The LAMA delegates went to Reno with the facts supporting them but lost to the fraudulent group's campaign of “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”

The truth that the national LP refused to acknowledge was that according to its own recognition of state affiliates, the organization with the web domain of "lpmass.org" is the legitimate state affiliate of the national party. The recognition by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts also didn't matter to national LP. Nor did the history of LAMA winning ballot access in presidential elections, or the long term financial supporters, or the fact that the LAMA state committee is running two of its own for state-wide offices, or that a former LAMA state committee member is running for a state-wide office, or that the LAMA convention on April 23rd endorsed these candidates as well as the candidate for governor.

Instead, the national LP decided to seat a delegation that is lead by 9 people who refer themselves as the state committee of an organization that they claim is legitimate.

If you are a national LP member or are considering joining, we ask that you reconsider your support and instead devote your time and money to the people who are working to advance liberty in this state. That support can be directed to the true Libertarian Association of Massachusetts (lpmass.org) or to any of the candidates that we are running for state office.