Sign the Petition: Already Against The Next Mandate

We’ve seen the effects of lockdowns and government mandates: lost lives and livelihoods.  For too long, unchecked government power has made this pandemic worse on Americans, not better. 

While many organizations have continued to track the effects of COVID-19, it is harder to track the effects of lockdowns for Americans. Recent studies have shown at least a 30% increase in depression and anxiety in adults, and more than 1 of 2 young adults now show symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder. Children who were under the strictest quarantines have been found to be four times more likely to experience PTSD.  

Further, many Americans lost their jobs and continue to struggle to find work. On top of that, countless businesses had to shutter their doors permanently, leaving communities struggling to get what they need. 

Enough is enough.  

It’s time to stand up against these government mandates and make our voices heard.

Sign the petition.

An initiative by the Libertarian Party at the National Level of which LP Massachusetts is the local state affiliate.