Criminal Justice Reform

The people of the Commonwealth are entitled to swift and speedy trials by juries of their peers, but are often denied one due to the sheer number of cases overwhelming courts and the heavy handed practice of Commonwealth’s Attorneys overcharging and excessive cash bail to induce plea bargains, to get out of jail and to avoid longer prison sentences.

To restore justice to the people of Massachusetts, we call for:

  • An end to cash bail for all nonviolent crimes and for defendants who are not flight risks;
  • Elimination of laws in the state code that criminalize actions or behaviors that have no victim;
  • Restorative justice in lieu of incarceration for non-violent crimes, as well as diversion to rehabilitation or other care services;
  • Restoration of voting rights for all citizens of the commonwealth, including convicted felons, once their time has been served.
  • Police and Sheriff’s departments have been militarized and warped from their original purpose to serve the people and keep the peace, instead often acting as an occupying force in their communities. To help restore law enforcement professionals to their proper role in the community, we call for:
    • Ending Qualified Immunity in the Commonwealth;
    • Eliminating civil asset forfeiture.