End Government Mandated COVID Restrictions

Whereas the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic created an overreaction by state and local governments including business shutdowns last spring that didn't show any tangible benefit in slowing spread of the virus, and

Whereas multiple peer-reviewed studies, including by the British medical journal The Lancet, have shown that these business shutdowns had no measurable benefit, and

Whereas the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts has consistently opposed mandatory lockdowns and government overreach since the beginning of the crisis, and

Whereas individuals have the ability to choose from multiple effective preventative measures and treatments for COVID-19, and

Whereas the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts believes voluntary social distancing will continue among at-risk populations,

It be resolved that the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts calls for an end to ALL government mandated social restrictions related to the COVID pandemic.

Adopted by the LAMA State Convention on March 20, 2021