End the Drug War

The Drug War has been a disaster for all communities and people within the Commonwealth, through the explosion of incarceration, police militarization, seizure and forfeiture laws, and other numerous ill effects, without stopping or even curbing the use of drugs and the social ills of addiction and overdose rates.

We therefore call for the immediate end of the Commonwealth’s participation in the drug war, including:

  • A full and unconditional legalization of the personal use and commercial sales of Marijuana and related products, with no special or additional burden of taxation or regulation.
  • Decriminalization on a state level for all other “hard drugs”, and an official policy of non-cooperation with Federal Drug Enforcement operations.
  • Pardons and clemency for state prisoners serving time for non-violent drug-related crimes, and official sealing/expungement of records of any drug-related convictions.