Freedom of Expression

Libertarians strongly support freedom of expression as a fundamental right that should be protected from government interference. Libertarians believe that individuals have the right to express themselves freely, whether through speech, writing, art, or other means, without fear of censorship or punishment by the government.


Free Crowds of people protesting racial injustice in Nashville and holding placard sign reading Stand up Speak up Stock Photo

Many libertarians argue that freedom of expression is essential for the functioning of a free society. They believe that it enables individuals to share their ideas and opinions, engage in public debate and criticism, and hold those in power accountable. Without the ability to freely express themselves, individuals are unable to participate in the democratic process or challenge the status quo.


While some libertarians may support certain restrictions on freedom of expression, such as laws against libel or slander, the general libertarian position is to support broad protections for freedom of expression. Libertarians believe that the government should not be in the business of censoring or regulating speech, and that individuals should be free to express themselves without fear of retaliation or government suppression.