Kevin Reed Takes a Stand for Liberty

Kevin Reed, Libertarian entrepreneur, has formed an exploratory committee for a possible run for Governor. He announced last week that he will be transporting delegates to the state convention as "an act of defiance against subversive attacks to state parties throughout the country." Read his statement:


Gubernatorial Candidate Takes a Stand for Liberty by Hosting Freedom Rides to State Convention

Boston, MA, March 19, 2022 - Kevin Reed, the Libertarian candidate for Governor of the state of Massachusetts, is hosting a Freedom Ride across the commonwealth to the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts (LAMA) state convention. The candidate is transporting members that register for membership to the Libertarian Party in the state regardless of party affiliation by 11:59 pm March 23rd as an act of defiance against subversive attacks to state parties throughout the country.
The Mises Caucus has conducted acts of subversion on state party committees of the Libertarian party by voting long-serving party members out to leave seats vacant and nullify candidates in an attempt to ward off ballot access. The assumption is that this may be a coordinated attack to keep Libertarians off the ballot as retaliation for the 1.2% of votes that went to the party's candidate Jo Jorgensen. There is an assumption that these votes could have been the difference maker to help President Trump in the 2020 elections. This assault is an attempt to assure the party will not be a spoiler again.
After watching the events that hijacked and upended the candidates and committees in the states of Colorado, Nevada, California, and Pennsylvania; Kevin Reed is deciding to work with the party and build a defensive wall by busing in delegates to participate in the state convention. Alongside making contact with registered Libertarians in the state, he has green-lighted a campaign documentary.
"We can not be the vanguards of liberty if we can not defend ourselves from the freedom to organize and to conduct peaceful exchanges of ideas," the candidate said. "We as Libertarians have a right to be heard, and not subverted, not circumvented or ostracized. We have a right to articulate our ideas as solutions to the problem of this state. While I am disturbed by the events conducted in other states, I am not now, or ever, as a resident of Massachusetts, going to allow this state to be run over. This is the home of both the American and American Industrial revolutions. While conceived under candlelight in a Philadelphia meeting hall, this country was born at the corner of State Street and Congress; America has a Boston birth certificate! And the very Constitution that this nation, which sets the standard of being ruled by the rule of law, is molded out the cast set by OUR state constitution. So, if I have to personally get in one of those sprinter vans and drive to each county, town, and city and help bring delegates that represent the idea that the one place there should be freedom is in the party of freedom, then I will! My heart goes out to members of other states who have endured the subversion of this caucus, but in Massachusetts, the home of liberty, we are not just random Libertarians, but the literal descendants of the Sons of Liberty, and it is in that spirit, I will not roll over to be tread upon."
Kevin Christopher Reed is currently contacting the 17,000 registered members in Massachusetts as well as other third-party groups and organizations to purchase $30 annual membership of the party and participate in the Massachusetts Freedom Rides and documentary before the March 23rd deadline. If you want more information, please contact Kevin Reed at [email protected] or text him at 857-400-9133.