LAMA 2022 State Convention

Greetings Libertarians of Massachusetts! The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts held its annual state convention this past Saturday, April 23rd at the Sheraton in Framingham. I am pleased to announce that the members elected the following people to the State Committee for the 2022-23 term:
  • Don Graham - Chair
  • Cris Crawford - Treasurer
  • Derek Newhall - Recording Secretary
  • Tara DeSisto - Political Director
  • Christopher Thrasher - Membership Director
  • Scott Cousland - Communications Director
  • David Blau - Operations Director
  • Julien Lafleur - Technology Director
  • Peter Everett - Member at Large
We would like to thank the members who attended the convention to deliberate proposed changes to the bylaws, and to elect their State Committee and their delegates for the upcoming LNC Convention in Reno next month. The members also endorsed the state office candidates that will be representing the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts this fall.
  • Kevin Reed - Governor
  • Peter Everett - Lieutenant Governor
  • Daniel Riek - Auditor
This is exciting news since the last state wide candidate we ran was for Auditor in 2018. State wide campaigns provide opportunities to share our platform with others here in the Commonwealth. I look forward to working with the State Committee and with the members to advance liberty by returning to our core activities such as political recruiting, outreach, and activism.
In Liberty,
Don Graham
LAMA Chair