LAMA Annual State Convention - May 7th 2023

The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts will be holding its annual state convention on Sunday, May 7th 2023 at the S&S Restaurant in Cambridge. Our main speaker will be Nick Sarwark, three-time chair of the National Libertarian Party. Nick is now leading the Libertarian Policy Institute and will be speaking about his work in backing candidates nationwide.

For more information or to buy tickets, please see the events page.

This is our first convention since becoming a major recognized party in Massachusetts after our record-setting candidate, Cris Crawford for Treasurer, got 23.4% of the vote, and got more votes than any other statewide Libertarian candidate in the US in 2022, over half a million!

Sunday, May 7, noon - 4PM at the S & S Deli and Restaurant 1334 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA. Ticket includes lunch.

In addition to conducting the business of electing a new State Committee, and adopting resolutions, our convention will also feature speakers:

Harvey A. Silverglate, long-time civil rights advocate and criminal defense attorney, co-founder of FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression), and celebrated author of of several books, including Three Felonies A Day.

Nicholas J. Sarwark, attorney, businessman, and longest serving former Chair of the Libertarian Party, who presided over the party's greatest national successes, now heads the Libertarian Policy Institute.

Larry Medolo of North Andover will speak on parental rights and family law reform in Massachusetts.

Be part of this new phase of growth for Libertarians in Massachusetts!