LAMA Rejects the Betrayal of Libertarian Values by the National LP

It is a core principle of Libertarians to oppose the initiation of violence. That is why the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts has from our beginning been part of every anti-war movement. The dilution of our anti-war stance by the national LP, yesterday, is a betrayal of Libertarian values.



In Washington D.C. yesterday, there was a rally called “Rage Against the War Machine,” at the Lincoln Memorial. This rally was organized by people whose main interest is to protect the Russian invasion of Ukraine from outside interference. The involvement of the principal organizers with Kremlin-aligned media outlets, proxy groups, and funding, is well-documented.

Under the pretense of an “anti-war” message, the time, money, and energy of many sincere opponents of war was coopted in support of this rally with mixed messaging that included blaming the invasion of Ukraine on NATO rather than Russia, and other pro-Kremlin talking points. Sadly, one of the organizations that was roped into this was the Libertarian National Committee. This was done over the objections of many Libertarians, and contributed to the resignation of the Vice Chair of the LNC. As a result, donors to the LNC were subjected to the spectacle of their Chair, Angela McArdle standing with flag-waving supporters of the Russian invasion. This is a stain on the Libertarian movement.

The right of self-defense is also a core principle of Libertarians. As such, we condemn in the strongest possible terms the criminal invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and we support the right of Ukrainians to defend themselves and their territory, including the right to ask for voluntary assistance, and the right to purchase defensive technologies from any willing seller.

The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts is not an affiliate of the LNC, having chosen to separate in June of 2022. LAMA is the only recognized major party for Libertarians in Massachusetts. We will never be used as a mouthpiece for fascist dictators seeking political cover for wars of aggression. We will always advocate for peace without subjugation, cooperation without coercion, trade without obstruction, and the equal rights of all people everywhere.