Libertarians regain major party status

From the Eagle Tribune:

BOSTON — The state’s Libertarians are expected to regain their major party status after placing second in a statewide race in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

State election law requires third parties get 3% of the vote in a statewide race to be recognized and have their candidates listed on the next ballot.

In the state treasurer’s race, Libertarian candidate Cristina Crawford picked up nearly 23% of the vote — more than 508,000 votes — in a two-way race against incumbent Treasurer Deb Goldberg, a Democrat who won a third term. There was no Republican candidate in the race.

Libertarian leaders say the strong results mean they will once again be recognized by the Secretary of State’s office as a major political party, along with Democrats and Republicans, and suggest the support Crawford received means voter dissatisfaction is driving more people to the third parties.

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