Massachusetts Libertarian Party March 5 Primary Results Are In

The Massachusetts Libertarian Party regained major party status in 2022, on the strength of Cristina Crawford's 23.1% showing for Treasurer of the Commonwealth that year. As a major party, the MALP is entitled to place a nominee for President on the ballot in the November 2024 election, and is required to elect a state committee of up to one man and one woman from each senate district. 

The results are in:

Chase Oliver was the winner of the Massachusetts Libertarian presidential primary with 14.6%. A new state committee of was also elected, consisting of Cristina Crawford, Derek Newhall, Kevin Reed, Peter Everett, and Walter Ziobro.

What remains is for the new state committee to decide is who to put on our ballot for President. The primary election is non-binding. The MALP could choose to adopt the MA primary winner, the national LP nominee, or the winner of the most national primaries.


As a matter of historical perspective, Jacob Hornberger was also the runner-up in the 2020 Presidential Libertarian Primary in a much closer race, second to Vermin Supreme.

More than twice as many Libertarians voted in the 2024 primary than in the 2020 primary.