Release Inmates Convicted of Victimless Crimes

As adopted by the LAMA State Convention 2020


WHEREAS the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts holds that victimless crimes - illegal acts that typically either directly involve only the perpetrator or occur between consenting adults and for which because they are consensual in nature, there are no true victims, i.e. aggrieved parties - are not actually crimes.

WHEREAS the current COVID-19 crisis can realistically be expected to spread quickly within incarcerated populations, and medical care for the incarcerated has proven over and over to be inadequate, and exposing individuals to this risk who have not harmed any victims must be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberatarian Association of Massachusetts calls for the immediate release of all persons incarcerated for such victimless ‘crimes’ as defined above and the commutation of sentences or better full pardon for anyone convicted for such victimless ‘crimes’.