Remember the Alamo!

The Alamo is under siege again, but this time from the trust that manages the Alamo. More specifically, it's not the Alamo itself that is under siege, but a tavern that is located near by. And the trust has an ally to support its attack on the tavern owner: the government. The weapon of choice: eminent domain.

"The Alamo Trust, a nonprofit that manages the site, wants to expand the Alamo museum, which would include building a theater and civil rights exhibit where Moses Rose's Hideout currently stands. Cantu says that in 2016, the group made its first offer of a million dollars, signed by then-Land Commissioner George P. Bush, which would've barely covered his outstanding loans. Four years later, they upped it to $2 million.", according to an article by Reason.

The owner took a risk by investing in an empty building and turned it into profitable business. He has every right to decide whether he wants to sell his business, when he wants to sell it, and at what price to sell it. The city has benefited from his hard work through the taxes it received and by the tavern being part of a revitalization of what used to be a dead part of town.

Yet when the owner refused to sell at what was offered, the trust decided to bring in the heavy guns. Now the owner may have no choice but to sell at what the government determines is "fair market value." 

I doubt the framers of the Constitution envisioned building a theatre and gift shop as valid justifications when they wrote the Fifth Amendment.