Self Defense

The individual right to effective self-defense is fundamental, and the constitutionally protected right to bear arms shall not be infringed.  Peaceful citizens of the Commonwealth should be allowed to carry arms for personal protection and should be secure in their possession of firearms from state confiscation without criminal conviction after due process of law.

We therefore:

  • Support full Constitutional Carry in the Commonwealth;
  • Reject all so-called “Red Flag” laws and any law that would seek to seize firearms from citizens without due process under a presumption of innocence;
  • Support the restoration of Second Amendment rights to former felons who have served their time and have returned to peaceful society;
  • Call for the strict tailoring of any proposed public safety regulations on firearms to the communities where safety is a problem, and reject any and all blanket statewide restrictions on firearms absent a strict and compelling public safety need in a specific locality.