Sex Work

The libertarian position on sex work is generally supportive of decriminalization or legalization. Libertarians believe in individual liberty and personal responsibility, and as such, they often argue that adults should be free to engage in consensual sexual activities, including sex work, without interference from the government.


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Some libertarians view the criminalization of sex work as an infringement on individual freedom and argue that it perpetuates a black market where workers may be subject to exploitation, violence, and other dangers. They believe that legalization and regulation of the industry could provide workers with better working conditions, access to healthcare, and protection from exploitation.


Others argue that sex work is a private matter between consenting adults and should not be subject to government regulation at all. They view the criminalization of sex work as a violation of individual rights and personal freedom.


Overall, while there may be some individual libertarians who oppose the decriminalization or legalization of sex work, the general libertarian position is to support it as an issue of individual freedom and autonomy.