Taxes and Economic Reform

As the sole purpose of government is to protect the inherent natural rights of all individuals and freedom of trade and commerce being critical to those ends, the proper scope and role of government is to maintain a fair and impartial rule of law in which individuals and commercial enterprises compete.

We therefore call for:

  • The prohibition on state or municipality granting special privileges or general subsidies or tax breaks to specific corporations to entice them to locate or do business;
  • The reduction of government spending on any and all non-essential functions, especially those duplicating or competing with private enterprise;
  • Focus on attracting business from within and outside of the Commonwealth by easing regulatory burdens, and clear and reasonable tax rates.

Taxation should be as low as possible, and in the most voluntary mode possible, with a strong preference for use-taxation over income and property taxation. We therefore call for:

  • Replacing income taxation with a general state sales tax, modeled after the FairTax proposal;
  • Opposition to any overall increase in taxation;
  • Ending all taxation that requires state knowledge of personal business dealings and personal property;
  • Cessation of the taxation of real property, especially residences, which could result in the seizure of that property by the state.