When antiwar isn't antiwar

Libertarians are antiwar, since we are against the initiation of force to achieve political goals. While war is a conflict between two governments, it is always the people under those governments that pay the price with their freedoms and their lives. Libertarians are pretty consistent in their views when it comes to government violence against individuals.

Except when we are not. Or more specifically, when some of us are not. Case in point: when the national Libertarian Party sponsors an antiwar rally that doesn't demand that those who started a war to stop killing individuals. But they do have other demands such as disbanding NATO and slashing the Pentagon Budget. 

The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts called out the national Libertarian Party for the abandonment of libertarian values, which prompted a group that has been fraudulently representing themselves as the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts to post a response defending the actions of the Libertarian Party. They didn't really provide a coherent argument, but instead relied on repeating the tired "Fake LAMA" mantra that they use to please their Mises Caucus leaders and followers.


As a libertarian, I have to admit that the "Rage against the War Machine" demands listed seem reasonable and should be discussed and debated. Is there anyone that calls themselves a libertarian really against freeing Julian Assange? I'm certainly in favor of restoring civil liberties and slashing budgets. 


But there is one action that should be at the top of the list if one is a libertarian; demanding that Russia stop targeting and killing civilians.


The Libertarian Party platform in section 3.3 states: "We condemn the use of force, and especially the use of terrorism, against the innocent, regardless of whether such acts are committed by governments or by political or revolutionary groups."


Yet the national Libertarian Party supporters ignore their own platform by remaining silent on this important point. Let's stop the killings first, and then we can talk about cutting budgets.  Being antiwar isn't about saving money, it's about saving lives.